Thursday, February 21, 2008


First, the correct title of this blog should be:
Ramin's Endless and Incredibly Boring Ponderings

Well, this is the start of my blog. I am not sure who is going to read this, but I would guess that it would only be my close family and friends. Thats as good a reason as any to start a blog I guess. I have held off on starting a blog for a while now, mostly because I didn't have time. But I guess it would be OK for me to make my insignificant thoughts and ideas available for the whole world to see if they want to. That's not to say I think what I do is insignificant, its just I think ninety percent of my thoughts are not unique or useful to anyone. The thoughts that I have that are useful to others, I can hopefully proifit from those ideas some day, once I find steady work. But that wont be for a few more years now. The remainder of my thoughts, that aren't so useful, I hope my friends and family will enjoy reading about them.

I care about a few things: science, math, technology, movies, music, literature, agnosticism, and beautiful women. I guess I will be talking about all of these things (except that last one), and it will be interesting to see how my thoughts on these topics change over time. Lately, I've been spending a lot of free time pondering why religion is so stupid and whether or not it actually has any merit or good quality in any way at all -- I'm at a loss. So I'd guess that these first few blog entries will mostly be ruminations on the relationship between the physical and metaphysical universe, and the idiotic humans who think they know all about it. Otherwise, I don't have any big plans. Also, I don't even know how often I will be posting anything. It won't be very often though.

And that's all. I hope anyone who is actually reading this will enjoy what I have to say.

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